Drilling from 8 MM to 500 mm.

We offer drilling services for a wide range – from Ø8 to Ø500 mm.

Drilling the perfect hole begins with selecting the appropriate bit for the material. We prioritize speed and efficiency throughout the process, ensuring that your order is promptly fulfilled upon receiving the materials.

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At Tubedrill we take pride in providing a wide range of services and flexible solutions that make us the superior choice.

TBT ML700-1-22000

Drilling dimension: Ø25-120
Max length: 10 500 mm
Minimum length: 1750 mm
Max OD: 400 mm

TIBO B65-4500

Drilling dimension: Ø7-80
Max length: 4200 mm
Minimum length: 100 mm
Max OD: 350 mm


Drilling dimension: Ø25-208
Max length: 6000 mm
Minimum length: 500 mm
Max OD: 1000 mm

TIBO B250-8000

Drilling dimension: Ø25-500
Max length: 10 500 mm
Minimum length: 500 mm
Max OD: 700 mm

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