About us

It’s just a hole …
Or is it?

Tubedrill started up in 2010. Our hole-y goal was, and still is, to be the best at drilling round steel bars. We are a group of cheerful and dedicated employees based in Nærbø, right in the middle of the flat and fertile Jæren plain, and we keep growing.

The lack of delivery capability was among reasons why we started our own business. We noticed a gap in the system and an opportunity to fill it. Today, we are unique in what we do, both in terms of services and delivery. While deliveries from abroad can take months, we deliver within 8-15 working days.

After mastering various challenges in drilling over several years, the time had come to deliver holes with even finer tolerances and surfaces. Therefore, in 2017, we expanded our machine park to also include a honing machine. So far, things have gone smoothly, and we are gearing up for even bigger expansions in the future.

We ensure you our short delivery time does not mean we compromise with quality. When we start drilling, it all comes down to precision. Perfection and quality go hand in hand and are great passions of ours.


We are Proud supporters of the local community

In addition to being passionately dedicated to drilling holes, we also take great pleasure in engaging with the local community here in Jæren.

We care for many, especially youth sport teams. We want to contribute to enabling teams and organizations so they can continue to provide activities for children and youth, creating good and safe environments.

Tubedrill are proud sponsors of:

  • Nærbø IL
  • Varhaug IL
  • Vigrestad IK
  • Klepp IL
  • Ålgård Håndball
  • Jæren Golfklubb
  • Liverpool Jæren
  • Lye IL
  • Kåsen IL
  • Hognestad IL
  • Deer Hunting pulling team
  • Brynepoddene
  • Sondre Erga Drifting

Do you have a hole-y goal?

We'd love to help.