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How much does a hole cost?

At Tubedrill, we’re equipped to drill holes in any material you need, in accordance with the NS-ISO 2768-1 medium standard. For tighter tolerances and specific surface requirements, we also offer honing services. We can accommodate work in any of our five material groups.


  • Customer provides material
  • Setup fee of NOK 3,000 per drilling dimension
  • Drilling is done according to tolerance NS-ISO 2768-1 medium
  • Surface finish between Rà3.2 and Rà6.3
  • Wall thickness of minimum 20 mm
  • Material must not exceed 1 mm in flatness
  • Workpiece may have a maximum deflection of 0.5 mm per meter
  • Hole may drift 1 mm off center per meter
  • Estimated delivery time is 8-15 working days after receipt of order and material
  • EXW Nærbø
  • Price does not include VAT

On request

  • Eccentric drilling
  • Pull boring
  • Counterboring
  • Drill dimension from Ø275 to Ø320 mm
  • Finer tolerances or surface finishes
Tubedrill reserves the right to change the price list.


Material groups

We can accommodate work in any of our five material groups:


Material group 1

Aluminium, Aluminium Bronze, Low Alloy Steel, POM


Material group 2

420M, Duplex, 304, 316, 165M, 17-4PH, 4330


Material group 3

Super Duplex, Super 13Cr, Non Mag, F22


Material group 4

Sanicro, 6Mo, Titan


Material group 5

Inconel, Hasteloy, Monel

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